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Heart Health Is About Far More Than What You Eat—Especially If You’re a Black Woman in America

“We cannot talk about health as if everyone in society has equal and equitable access.”

Sexually speaking, I’ve been bored. Bored by all the softboys disguised as loverboys on my roster (all carbon copies of either Barry Keoghan or Jacob Elordi). Bored by the lack of originality plaguing recent sex-toy launches (all vaguely phallic, sleek). Bored by my tried-and-true self-pleasure techniques (supine, wand in hand). So, since the most recent ball drop, I’ve been waiting, hoping, and praying that 2024 would bring me something or someone to surprise me. And with its arrival on my doorstep on a bleary January evening, the Unbound Squish ($66) has done just that.

This pleasure product has now been in my rowdy rotation for the last few weeks, and I can confirm that it hasn’t just re-ignited my hope for the pleasure industry as a whole, it’s also reinvigorated my solo sex game. Further, while this toy on its own isn’t responsible for leveling up my line-up of lovers, I have enjoyed using it with my very own babygirl-esque short king.


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