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I Met Beyonce’s Former Makeup Artist, and These Were the 4 Tips (and Products!) I’ll Be Adding to My Routine

Hello, flawless.

I don’t know about you, but I personally never feel more confident than when I leave the salon with my freshly balayaged hair settling in professionally blown-out waves over my shoulders. For days after (like, way longer than is acceptable between hair washes), I painstakingly apply dry shampoo and volume spray to keep my hair looking newly styled—because I know it won’t look this good until I leave my next appointment.

Despite trying what feels like every dryer on the market (yes, even *that* dryer), I have never been able to blow out my own hair. Instead, I end up with a tangled mess that cannot be saved by anything but a claw clip. That is, until now.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean at QVC’s Master Beauty Class, where he was demonstrating how to use his newly-released brush dryer styling tool from WEN, his line of hair-care products. I was skeptical at first—as I always am—that this could really be the miracle dryer that saves me from a life of praying my hair dries nicely.


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