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More Campers Are Pitching Their Tents in Winter To Stave Off Seasonal Affective Disorder—Here’s Why Experts Think That’s a Good Thing

Plus, the gear you need to do it safely.

Whether in the form of anal fingering, willy wanking, honey-pot pawing, or nipple tweaking, fingers play a huge supporting (or starring!) role in sex. Since fingers are typically more dexterous than other body parts (like a penis, for example) and cannot transmit the vast majority of STIs, finger and hand sex are high-pleasure, low-risk ways of getting off. And for those aficionados of finger freaking, your play can be upgraded with the addition of a finger vibrator.

Never heard of or shopped for a finger vibrator before? Read on. We asked sex educators to explain what finger vibrators are good for, what separates the great finger vibe from the mediocre, and share their top picks on the market right now.

Best finger vibrators at a glance:

What is a finger vibrator?

Given that G-spot vibrators stimulate your internal hot spot and a

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