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These 15 Expert-Approved Finger Vibrators Will Make Hand Play Even More Buzz-Worthy

These tiny vibrators pack one hell of a punch.

Some people just light up a room when they walk in. You know the ones—they radiate positivity, take the time to greet everyone around them, and when they leave, you realize your face hurts from all the smiling.

That’s how it felt when I met Mally Roncal at the QVC Master Beauty Class. She’s a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Beyoncé, J-Lo, and RuPaul (just to name a few)—but despite her very starry resume, she makes everyone she meets feel like an A-lister. Case in point: After we were introduced, she politely excused herself and I watched as she cried happy tears at the sight of a QVC customer she knew by name.

Despite all the tears, hugs, laughs, and cheek kisses, Roncal’s flawless makeup didn’t move—like, at all—during our long day together. I, on the other hand, tend to avoid giving hugs on a night out (for fear of my makeup transferring to a shoulder) and somehow still end up looking like a raccoon by the time I get home. So I was desperate to talk makeup tips with Roncal, adopt her long-lasting look, and maybe steal a bit of her radiance.

No surprise: She was *seriously* helpful, sharing four of her go-to makeup tips for everyday wear. Check them out, and then snag the Mally Beauty products I’ve been using (and loving) to incorporate her tips into your own routine.

1. Sculpt your eyes with shadow sticks

If you asked Roncal to pick just one item from her line to use every day, she’d decline to answer (because she treats all her products like her babies). Push her a bit, though, and she’d go with the Evercolor Shadow Stick, which acts as an all-in-one primer, eyeshadow, liner, and brush. Oh, and obviously it holds strong against the day’s activities, including any kind of tears. I tested out the moonlight shade, and, sure enough, it didn’t crease or move an inch.

“The thing that I love about [the shadow sticks] is, because there’s no powder, you can really sculpt your eye the way you want it,” Roncal says. “You can literally just draw it on your eye, create the shapes that you want, and make your eyes look bigger or wider.” Her tip? Always apply on a naked eyelid—that means no foundation, concealer, or other products underneath—since the primer is built in.


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