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A plush, thirsty bath towel will do a fine job at drying you off, but most towels for your skin are made from materials that are often too rough on the hair, which is most delicate when it’s wet, says Becca Raziuddin, director of artist education at Blo Blow Dry Bar. If towel-drying your hair is integral to your routine but you want to avoid potential damage, a hair wrap towel can serve as a happy compromise.

To help you find the best hair wrap towels, I spoke to Raziuddin and Brittany Johnson, a hairstylist and the social brand marketing manager at Mayvenn, for tips on what to look for as you shop. I also tested several of the most popular options on the market, reviewing them in terms of design, drying time, and whether they left my hair better or worse for wear after use.

With this in mind, below you’ll find a list of eight hair wrap towels—all recommended by our experts and the Well+Good team.

Best hair wrap towels, at a glance

What is a hair wrap towel?

A hair wrap towel is, just as the name suggests, a towel for your hair. Like a regular bath towel, it wicks away moisture, but according to Johnson, it’s made from materials (like microfiber or satin) that are often kinder to your hair. Plus, “they often come in a unique design to hug the wearer’s head and may have a closure, tie, or loop fastener for an even more secure fit,” she says.

What to look for in a hair wrap towel

When shopping for a hair wrap towel, there are several considerations to keep in mind.


Hair wrap towels can be made from a variety of materials, and among the most popular is microfiber. “Microfiber is widely the most popular, and for good reason—it has softer and smoother fibers compared to regular bath towels and are less abrasive on your strands,” says Johnson. Plus, microfiber is lightweight. “It won’t pull at your roots or hair ends, which are typically the most sensitive part of your hair,” says Raziuddin. Another perk of using a microfiber hair towel according to Raziuddin? “It absorbs excess moisture from the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.”

You may also come across hair towels made from satin. “Satin hair towels are not as common, but they aren’t a bad choice,” says Johnson. Raziuddin agrees, adding: “It’s lightweight and it will help reduce frizz.” While a viable alternative to microfiber, it won’t whisk away as much moisture or dry as quickly. “Satin isn’t crafted to be a super-absorbent material on its own, and even though it’s most gentle on the hair, it won’t necessarily ‘get the job done’ when it comes to removing enough water and making a dent in the drying process,” says Johnson—something to keep in mind as you shop.

There are hair towels made from cotton too, though Johnson doesn’t typically recommend this material. “Cotton tends to unnecessarily rough up the cuticle and can pull too much moisture from your hair,” she explains. Raziuddin adds that while cotton hair towels are highly absorbent, and perhaps even more so than microfiber, they are usually thicker and thus heavier than its counterpart. However, if you have a preference for cotton, opt for one made from long-staple fibers like Turkish or Egyptian cotton. “These will lessen the amount of tug and pull on the hair,” she notes.


Most hair wrap towels feature buttons or loops to keep the towel in place. According to Raziuddin, buttons and loops not only keep the towel where you want it (on your head), but they also make them user-friendly. If this feature isn’t as important to you, you’ll also come across hair wrap towels without them.


Hair wrap towels come in a variety of sizes. If you have thin or short hair, you can opt for a small-size towel, but if you have thick, dense, or long hair, a larger option might be better for you. While many hair wrap towels have an adjustable closure, it’s always best to look at the dimensions of a given option to ensure it can accommodate your hair length and texture.

How to use a hair wrap towel

You would use a hair wrap towel in the same way you would use a bath towel to wrap your hair, but Raziuddin says that you’ll want to resist twisting it too tightly around your head. “When you are pulling and twisting too hard, it can cause breakage to your hair,” she says. “Be gentle when wrapping your hair in a towel and make sure that if you’re tucking it in at the hairline, you aren’t pulling or tugging at the hair in the process.”

Another tip from Johnson? Don’t leave your hair wrapped up in a hair towel for too long. “People sometimes leave them on too long and end up removing almost all the moisture from the hair before they’ve had the chance to layer in any leave-in conditioner or heat-styling protectants,” she says.

Shop the best hair wrap towels

Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool

Best overall: Aquis, Flip Hair-Drying Tool — $50.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 29” L x 12” W

When you think of a hair wrap towel, what might immediately come to mind is Aquis, which makes some of the most popular, and not to mention, well-reviewed options on the market. The brand’s Flip Hair-Drying Tool is Raziuddin’s “ultimate favorite towel.” It’s made from a smooth microfiber material, and she proclaims that it isn’t rough on the hair and the lightest weight hair towel she has ever worn around her head. Plus, it comes with a built-in loop closure that makes it easy to wrap it around your head and keeps it in place.

Available colors: 3


  • Made with antimicrobial technology to prevent odor
  • Has a loop closure


  • One of the more pricey options on the list

Aquis Wrap Hair-Drying Towel

Best editor-approved: Aquis, Wrap Hair-Drying Towel — $25.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 29” L x 10” W

Clocking in at $25, the Aquis Wrap Hair-Drying Towel is half the price of the brand’s Flip Hair-Drying Tool, but features many of the same qualities—it’s made from microfiber and it will stay in place, thanks to its button loop closure. W+G beauty editor Aimee Simeon owns several of these hair wrap towels and keeps them in heavy rotation. “When it comes to curly-hair microfiber, these are amongst the elite,” she says. “They dry my curls without creating extra frizz, which sets the tone for success when it’s time to style.”

Available colors: 3


  • Inexpensive
  • Has a button-loop closure


  • On the small side

Act+Acre Microfiber Hair Towel

Best waffle microfiber towel: Act+Acre, Microfiber Hair Towel — $30.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 25” L x 10” W

The Act+Acre Microfiber Hair Towel has Johnson’s stamp of approval. “It’s fluffier and softer than other towels and truly cuts down on drying time,” she says “Plus, the waffle-knit feels so luxe!” I can attest that all of this is true—the towel has the plushness of a throw blanket, and it sops up a ton of moisture from my just-past-shoulder-length hair. When I dry with a towel, my hair is usually as coarse as hay, but this wasn’t the case with this pick. If anything, its plushier texture means it won’t dry as quickly, but it didn’t weigh down my head while I was wearing it.

Available colors: 1


  • Plush microfiber material
  • Has a button-loop closure


  • Can take time to dry

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Pattern Microfiber Hair Towel

Best lightweight: Pattern, Microfiber Hair Towel — $19.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 8” L x 4.75” W

Pattern’s hair towel is simple by design, but it is at par with the other listed options in terms of performance. It’s made of a soft microfiber material, and it’s so lightweight that it almost feels like I’m wearing nothing on my head But, mostly, I was pleased at the outcome: My hair dried down much more smoothly and eliminated the need to use a blow-dryer, which earns it bonus points in my book. While the towel works hard to absorb excess wetness from freshly washed hair, it doesn’t stay damp for very long—and despite lacking a closure, it remained on my head while I went about my business.

My only wish is that it came in a bigger size, but this is a small tradeoff for its under $20 price tag.

Available colors: 1


  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying


  • Could be larger
  • No closure

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap (2-Pack)

Best value: YoulerTex, Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap (2-Pack) — $8.00

Material: Microfiber| Size: 26” L x 10” W

If you frequently wash your hair, you might want to opt for this pair of budget-friendly hair towels from YoulerTex. The towels are constructed from microfiber, and come replete with a twist-and-loop closure to prevent it from toppling to the ground while you’re wearing it. It has received high marks for its absorbency and comfort, and its low price is the proverbial cherry on top. You’ll receive two hair towels for a little over $8, and it’s also available in packs of three or four for a few more dollars.

Available colors: 15


  • Cost-effective
  • Sold in pairs of two, three, or four


  • On the thicker side

Volo Super Hero XL Hair Towel

Best large: Volo, Super Hero XL Hair Towel — $54.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 39.4” L x 30.5” W

The Volo Super Hero XL Hair Towel is big enough to wrap up thicker and/or longer hair. It also meets our experts’ criteria for a great hair wrap towel: the pick is made of microfiber polyester to wick away moisture from your hair, and it has a loop to keep it out of your way—and on your head. While its larger size might not be as portable as the other options listed here, it also comes in a version packaged in a resealable bag that you can opt to take with you on your travels.

Available colors: 2



  • Large enough for thicker and/or longer hair
  • Has a loop closure


  • Pricey

<!– –>

Kitsch Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel

Best satin: Kitsch, Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel — $26.00

Originally $29, now $26

Material: Satin-wrapped microfiber | Size: 20” L x 9” W

Another recommendation from Johnson is the Kitsch Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel, which is constructed out of satin-wrapped microfiber to offer the best of both materials. “It’s marketed specifically to wavy and curly folks, but it’s really protective for any hair type to help prevent breakage and frizz,” says Johnson. As a bonus, the satin material is 100 percent vegan and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that it’s been found to be free of harmful substances.

Available colors: 9



  • Ideal for all hair textures
  • Made from Oeko-Tex certified satin


  • On the small side

Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel

Most style options: Kitsch, Microfiber Hair Towel — $23.00

Material: Microfiber | Size: 20” L x 9” W

The Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel offers visual interest to an otherwise utilitarian tool, thanks to its array of color and patterned options. Razziuidin keeps this pick in her rotation and recommends it as a “cost-effective” alternative to pricier counterparts. “It has a button that makes it very easy to wrap your hair up,” she says, adding: “It washes really well.” Like most of the other picks on the list, it’s made from microfiber to absorb water without damaging your hair in the process.

Available colors: 7


  • Has a button loop closure
  • 7 color and patterned options


  • On the small side

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