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Creamy Polenta

This creamy polenta has a rich flavor, creamy texture, and deep corn flavor. It’s the perfect base for stews, saucy beans, and braised meats.

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I’ve lived in the south most of my life and we eat grits all the time, so I thought I knew what polenta was all about. But let me just tell you, this Creamy Polenta is on a whole other level. from the instant grits I was used to. While both grits and polenta are made with cornmeal, this Creamy Polenta has a rich texture, deep corn flavor, and super creamy consistency. I think Marsha’s exact words when we tested it in the studio were, “I think I’m in love…” Same, girl, same. I’m going to be making this polenta to serve with every stew, saucy bean dish, or braised meat from here on out.

Overhead view of a bowl of polenta with a pat of butter on top.

What is Polenta?

Polenta is a cornmeal mush made by boiling cornmeal until it’s tender. It can be served like a porridge or chilled until firm, sliced, and pan-fried for a crispier texture. While similar to grits, another type of cornmeal mush, polenta and grits are made with different varieties of corn. Polenta is made with flint corn, which has a more dense and chewy texture that holds up better to boiling than dent corn, which is used for grits. Grits are generally more finely milled, except stone ground grits, which are closer in texture to polenta. I find that polenta has a much better mouthfeel (less gloopy) and a stronger corn flavor. It’s absolutely delicious!


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