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Let It Flow

Can you stay mindful and peaceful when your thoughts and life get bumpy? In life there will be gain and loss, praise and blame, and pleasure and pain. If you let them flow, you can ride the waves of life with gratitude and grace, and without drowning.

The post Let It Flow first appeared on Dr. Rick Hanson.

The post Let It Flow appeared first on Dr. Rick Hanson.

This Wednesday Night Meditation included a 32-minute meditation and a 47-minute talk from Rick’s series on Wise Effort, focusing on Releasing Receiving.

One moonlit evening in 13th-century Japan, the Zen nun Mugai Nyodai was carrying water in an old bucket made of bamboo strips. It suddenly broke and she had an awakening. I particularly like this version of her enlightenment poem from the writer Mary Swigonski:

“With this and that I tried to keep the bucket together
and then the bottom fell out.
Where water does not collect
the moon does not dwell.”

I hope you find it helpful, and you are welcome to join my free Wednesday Meditations – which are open to everyone!


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