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Meditation + Talk: Right Effort . . . about Right Effort!

In this Wednesday Night Meditation, Rick Hanson offered a meditation and talk called Right Effort . . . about Right Effort!

The post Meditation + Talk: Right Effort . . . about Right Effort! first appeared on Dr. Rick Hanson.

The post Meditation + Talk: Right Effort . . . about Right Effort! appeared first on Dr. Rick Hanson.

Each year I use an issue of the Just One Thing newsletter to offer Twelve Good Things that I think are really wonderful and worth your attention.

May you and those you love and the whole wide world be truly well, truly happy, and truly at peace.

— ONE —
The Global Compassion Coalition is working to build a better world, with compassion and justice at its heart. Please join me and over a hundred thousand others — it’s free, and growing by several thousand a week — to connect inner and outer, the personal and the political, so that people and the planet are truly thriving. Together, we can be big enough to be strong enough to make the world we long for!
Our key partner is the Charter for Compassion, an international force for good, including its work to promote compassionate cities, prosocial schools and businesses, and a global network of millions of people who have affirmed the Charter itself.
— TWO —


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